Asociación Alemana Psicología de la Aviación (DGLP)

En el afán de AEPA de fomentar la comunicación y la colaboración entre asociaciones de psicología de la aviación damos la bienvenida a la asociación alemana, DGLP (Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Luftfahrpsychologie E.V.)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luftfahrtpsychologie / German Society of Aviation Psychology

The German Society for Aviation Psychology (DGLP) is a public non-profit organisation of psychologists and human factors experts from all areas of civil and military aviation. It brings together members from the airlines, the air force, research and development, air traffic control and unmanned systems.

The association was founded in 2010 with the aim to promote science and research, particularly in the field of aviation psychology. In its biannual conferences, the society fosters and maintains scientific exchange between colleagues from different fields of aviation psychology. Ongoing research projects and their results are presented and discussed. New technologies and scientifically based procedures are transferred to the aviation world in order to enhance safety, efficiency and well-being.

The Society has currently about 70 members. Next to sharing knowledge and expertise, the DGLP supports continuous professional training of their members. An accreditation scheme and curriculum has been released to offer recognized specialization courses for aviation psychologists to work as competent Clinical and/or Organizational Aviation Psychologist in civil and military aviation: in Airlines and Air Force, in aviation R&D establishments and universities, in air traffic management and air traffic services and in accident and incident investigation.

With this accreditation scheme the DGLP offers a platform of competent specialists for example for a qualified clinical psychological evaluation and support of aviation personnel or for the psychological assessment of operational aviation personnel in accordance with the recent EASA standards and guidance material.

Our Society keeps a close relationship with other international and national organisations like E.A.A.P. (European Association for Aviation Psychology), AAPA (Austrian Aviation Psychologist Association), AEPA (Asociación Española de Psicología de la Aviación) and IT-APA (Italian Association of Aviation Psychology).

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