Simposio Internacional Psicología de la Aviación


17th International Symposium on Aviation Psychology

Wright State University, Dayton, OH, USA

May 6-9, 2013


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 This year’s Program Highlights include:

 * Keynote Address by Dr. Nancy Leveson

    Applying Systems Thinking to Aviation Psychology

 *  Invited Address by Dr. Max Mulder

    Ecological Flight Deck Design: The World Behind The Glass

 *  Invited Address by Dr. James Lackner

    An Earthbound Perspective on Orientation Illusions Experienced in Aerospace Flight

 Plenary Practitioner and Researcher Panel

    Synthetic Task Environments: Opportunities and Challenges

 *  Banquet at the United States Air Force Museum

 *  International Night

    Tour of Orville Wright’s House followed by a picnic in a park

 *  Wright-Patterson Lab Tour

    The tour will visit the Naval Medical Research Unit laboratories and the Air Force’s Human

    Effectiveness Directorate’s laboratories.

 We are very excited about the many presentations and events scheduled for the Symposium and look forward to sharing them with many of you.

 John Flach

Symposium Chair

Pamela Tsang  &  Michael Vidulich

Program Co-Chair

ISAP Program Co-Chair


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