Modificaciones JAR FCL 3

EASA publica unas modificaciones a la JAR FCL 3 que afectan a los psicólogos.

La Agencia Europea de Seguridad, EASA, ha publicado una modificaciones a la norma JAR FCL 3 que afecta a la participación de los psicólogos en la evaluación del certificado de clase 1.

Antes de su publicación se sometió a un proceso de alegaciones y consultas de cuyo resultado extractamos unos párrafos:

“MED.B.055 — Psychology. Only 44 comments (IRs and AMCs combined) were received on this paragraph; however, they were well explained and need to be discussed here. Psychologist organisations and one NAA commented that the rules in this paragraph were considerably reduced as compared to JAR-FCL 3. This comment was accepted and the text of Appendix 17 in JAR-FCL 3 was brought back in the AMC to MED.B.055, while one subparagraph was added to the implementing rule saying that the psychologist shall send a report of his/her assessment to the licensing authority or the AeMC/AME as appropriate. However, another important issue from psychologist organisations was to require psychological examinations of pilots independently of the AME assessment. This was not accepted as there is no basis neither in JAR-FCL 3 nor in ICAO.

Further comments to the paragraph on psychology mentioned that the psychological assessment of a pilot should be done by ‘a psychologist “acceptable to the authority”’, which is the wording in JAR-FCL 3 but was not transferred to NPA 2008-17c. This comment was not accepted in order not to restrict access to psychologists and because, on a general basis, the wording ‘acceptable to the authority’ leads to different rules in Member States while common law is to be created. The comments also included the argument that pilots should only be assessed by aviation psychologists with accreditation from one psychologist organisation. However, the Agency considered that this accreditation is highly valuable but, as far as it could be assessed, not a speciality that is officially applicable in all Member States. The comment was therefore not accepted. “


AMC A 1 to MED.B.055

PSYCHOLOGY – class 1 medical certificates

1. Where there is suspicion or established evidence that an applicant has a psychological

disorder, the applicant should be referred for psychological opinion and advice.

2. Established evidence should be verifiable information from an identifiable

source which evokes doubts concerning the mental fitness or personality of a

particular individual. Sources for this information can be accidents or incidents,

problems in training or proficiency checks, delinquency or knowledge relevant

to the safe exercise of the privileges of the applicable licence.

3. The psychological evaluation may include a collection of biographical data, the

administration of aptitude as well as personality tests and psychological


4. The psychologist should submit a written report to the AME, AeMC or licensing

authority as appropriate, detailing his/her opinion and recommendation.

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