Os copiamos la noticia remitida por la EAAP sobre el nacimiento de la asociación italiana.



In April 2019 the Italian Association of Aviation Psychology, short IT-APA, was born. Founders and current board members are:

  • Alessandra Rea, President, EAAP member
  • Nicoletta Lombardo, Vice President, EAAP member
  • Micaela Scialanga, Secretary

IT-APA pursues a social interest and actively works to prevent and manage incidents, to ensure high safety standards, to promote the health of aviation professionals and passengers. To achieve these goals IT-APA is committed to the promotion of aviation psychology and protection of the professional figure of the aviation psychologist.

IT-APA associates are Psychologists and Human Factor Specialists that operate in the aviation field applying concepts, methods and instruments typical of psychological sciences. IT-APA works in many processes like selection, training, evaluation, research, support and for the different professionals that characterize aviation: pilot, flight attendants, air traffic controllers, air traffic safety electronic personnel, technicians and maintenance, security personnel.

EAAP congratulates IT-APA on their foundation and is honored to join forces with IT-APA in a partnership and strategic cooperation to take Aviation Psychology to the next level.

For all info switch to: www.itapa.it/

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